Cincinnati Catholic Women’s mission is offering women of all ages spiritual growth, philanthropic endeavors, volunteerism, and friendship through personal involvement in projects and activities that have a focus on helping women and children in our community. With our long and rich heritage that began in 1917 in the basement of Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati Catholic Women provides a nurturing environment and an opportunity for women to gather with other Catholic women and share their faith, talents, and friendship all while giving back to the community.

Cincinnati Catholic Women offer members a way to celebrate their religion, develop and nurture friendships and give back to the community. Our monthly meetings held (September-May) help our members share and explore our faith through discussions and guest presentations on a variety of topics. As individual Catholic women, we support our local churches, schools, and special interest organizations. As a group, we join together to help those who need a hand up. We collect toiletries for a local shelter, deliver healthy snacks to St. Francis Seraph School in OTR, knit blankets for newborns, prepare Thanksgiving dinners for Mercy Neighborhood Ministries or hold a special event to benefit Healing Connections ministries. Our members find fulfillment in giving back to the community. Our members also assist in fundraising efforts (the Pennies from Heaven raffle and the Kroger card program) that help us generate money for our philanthropic investments back into our community. All these activities bring us together as Catholic Women of all ages, from all walks of life, from all neighborhoods. To accommodate busy schedules, there is no minimum number of meetings you must attend, but we strongly encourage members to take advantage of the spiritual and social opportunities our meetings and activities offer.

We are a SPIRITUAL organization…our goals are the same today as they were in 1917 – to focus on spiritual growth and offer a welcoming environment where women can gather and enjoy each other’s company and share the common bond of religion. Monthly meetings are on the third Monday of each month September through June. This year, there will be a combination of guest speakers and tours of local religious facilities.

We are a SOCIAL organization…We have a variety of activities throughout the year in addition to our monthly meetings. Check our calendar of events here.

We are a FUNDRAISING organization…we are presently exploring a new signature fundraising activity to help us raise money for the work with do with our new partner, Boys Hope/Girls Hope and to allow us to broaden our helping hand deeper in our community

And we are a PROVIDER and NUTURING organization … We reach out and help our community by supporting organizations that help women and children in need.

We accomplish so much because our members give of their time and talent. Our members can be involved in a variety of ways and on their timeline. To ensure we carry out our mission and to keep our members engaged, we do ask each member to volunteer on a project or committee to help ensure we accomplish great things in our community.